Like a “G”

The Eighties was a strange time. At least that’s the way I perceived it. When it came to movies, there was no genre bigger at that time than horror. You had both Freddy Krueger and Jason come to haunt you in that decade, as it seemed there were “no holds barred.” However, it was a … More Like a “G”

Sir Phil

The UK has no shortage of great music bands. The Beatles, Led Zeppelin, and The Stones were all superb. Yeah, they’re all rock bands in one form or another. One often over looked genre, at least by middle aged males, is adult contemporary or pop. I tend to find value in this music as it … More Sir Phil


If you were alive in the Eighties than you most certainly have come across a car so dull, and unpretentious that it needed only one letter for its name. The “K” car. Actually, the cars (Chrysler LeBaron, Dodge Aries, and Plymouth Reliant) had their own names, but as a whole people only used one letter … More K


Boxing movies are nothing new and there have actually been a few great ones. Raging Bull is one that comes to mind. More recently, Cinderella Man and The Fighter are both superb. However, no other boxing movie has captivated me more than Rocky IV. This one starts out with Apollo Creed, Rocky’s best friend, being … More DRAGO!

One Hitter

I’m not a musician or any other artist of any kind. So I have no idea how difficult it actually is to produce a hit song. It seems to me that the Eighties was a decade of “one hit wonders.” It must be difficult to work so hard as a musician and only be known … More One Hitter


There were a few good cars produced in the Eighties. I promise you. One of the best in my opinion, is the venerable Toyota Corolla GT-S. Also known as the AE86 or Hachi-roku. Toyota produced this menacing little beast from 1985-1987 in the U.S. It came equipped with one of the best naturally aspirated 1.6L … More Hachi-roku

Mr. Hughes

Without John Hughes and his movies, the eighties would be a dull decade for film. I mean just think of a major film from that decade and you are certain to get nostalgic thinking of one of his. From The Breakfast Club to Ferris Buellers Day Off, Mr. Hughes crushed it and will forever take … More Mr. Hughes


When I was a small boy, probably about the age of 6 or 7, I remember trying to emulate Tom Cruise. I was enthralled with everything about the diminutive actor. Although, at that time I didn’t pay much attention to his physical size, it was more machismo, and his Rico Suave ways that captivated me. … More Maverick


Hiscox, a British insurance company, claims that the aural prowess of a Maserati’s engine has a certain biological effect on a woman. It can raise their testosterone levels and arouse them. For me, being a man, the sound of a high performance engine gets me excited in a different manner. However, it’s not just the … More Maserati


For me, a child of the nineties more or less, it was eighties music that really grabbed me. It all started in 1987 where, at the age of 5, I heard Slash’s intense guitar riffs in “Sweet Child O’ Mine.” It was that specific GNR song that hooked me on 80’s rock forever. Maybe it … More GNR