Boxing movies are nothing new and there have actually been a few great ones. Raging Bull is one that comes to mind. More recently, Cinderella Man and The Fighter are both superb. However, no other boxing movie has captivated me more than Rocky IV.

This one starts out with Apollo Creed, Rocky’s best friend, being killed at the hands of Ivan Drago. Ivan is a young, giant Russian athlete. After Apollos death, Rocky agrees to fight Drago in Moscow on Christmas. The training scenes in the snow are the best. Rocky takes the old school approach to his training by not using modern machines and running up mountains. The Russian, on the other hand, is shown using anabolic steroids and has a state of the art gym at his disposal. The culmination of such training ends in the ring where as you can guess, Rocky prevails and changes the hearts of everyone.

The soundtrack in this one is what really wins here. Well, I should say the combination of the montages and the music are spectacular. My favorite is when Rocky leaves his mansion and gets into his Lamborghini. They play Robert Tepper’s “No Easy Way Out,” which is the perfect song for that scene.


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