There were a few good cars produced in the Eighties. I promise you. One of the best in my opinion, is the venerable Toyota Corolla GT-S. Also known as the AE86 or Hachi-roku. Toyota produced this menacing little beast from 1985-1987 in the U.S. It came equipped with one of the best naturally aspirated 1.6L twincam four cylinder engines ever. While it did rev to the moon, redlining at 7700 rpm, it had a wonderful power curve and decent horsepower for its size. The aural note it produced was magnificent and it gave the car a soul.

However, the cars great engine was just half the story here. The chassis was well balanced and the car weighed in at only 2300 pounds. Which is very light by any standard. With this low weight and superb driving dynamics, the car had a fling-able characteristic only a few other cars possess. It easily produced over-steer which made it loads of fun especially in the turns. Driving at its limits was not difficult even for the novice driver and it even looked pretty good with side skirts and a front lip.

These AE86 Corollas are still highly sought after today, 30 years after their production. A good stock and unmolested example will run you north of $5,000. I would be shocked if these do not become classics of some sort in the future. So if you find a good one in original condition and at a fair price, grab it. You will not be disappointed.


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