Hiscox, a British insurance company, claims that the aural prowess of a Maserati’s engine has a certain biological effect on a woman. It can raise their testosterone levels and arouse them. For me, being a man, the sound of a high performance engine gets me excited in a different manner. However, it’s not just the sound to me, but rather the culmination of the countless moving parts that create something more than what it is. You see, it takes all of those parts working in perfect harmony to create such a great sound.

I truly believe that in order to fully appreciate what an engine is, and is capable of, one must wrench on it themselves. Become immersed in the knuckle breaking, sweat induced nightmare that can be repairing one. Though it is painstaking and requires a degree of patience to say the least, working on engines (or cars in general) can be therapeutic. I would not liken it to vigorous exercise, but car guys know that it must have an effect on our brains. I mean why else would we continue to fix something over and over that we know is just going to break again and again?

Maserati logo wallpaper 4 2560x1440.jpg

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